About WUS : Your Reliable PCB Manufacturing Services Provider in Taiwan since 1972
Expanding from Core Competency in Printed Circuit Manufacturing
Established in 1972 by the name of WUS (Wu-Shi), the predecessor of WUS Printed Circuit Co., Ltd., the progress of the company’s products and their applications was significantly linked and fueled by the economic growth of Taiwan in the electronics arena.  These applications included add-on cards (peripherals), motherboards, telecom products, and eventually to radio base stations, mobile phones, digital cameras, notebooks, and other digital and entertainment products.  Throughout its history, strong R&D team enabled the company to keep pace with other international players.  Besides core products like multilayer and mobile phones boards, the company technologically moved into advancements such as communication (RF) modules, embedded passives, and high-density microvia (HDI) products in order to differentiate from the advanced field to the traditions.  To attach great importance to the business and technology development in the medical, industrial fields, the following commitments and services are what WUS tries to satisfy the customers of the niche market:
-  High-mix and low volume business support
-  Cost competitive
-  Flexible lead time in NPI and volume production
-  Dedicated customer service team
-  R&D support 
-  Timely DFM feedback
-  Highly reliable quality
-  Value-creation solutions exclusively for strategic business 


Overseas investment 
WUS has invested two plants in China: WUS Printed Circuit (Kunshan) Co.,Ltd. for PCB fabrication and Centron (Kunshan) Electronics Co., Ltd. for SMT services.

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