Training System


New memeber training


- WUS's vision and prospect, organization structure, salary/welfare, administration system, 

  environment, labor safety.

- These trainings will help establish a positive working attitude, and recognize WUS's culture and value.

- Develop interpersonal relationships.



Technical skill training


- One-on-one technical guidance and pre-job instruction will make new operators feel less insecure,

  so they will be more technically skilled and confident.

- Accumulate experiences and capacities through OJT and abroad training.

- Multi-functional training and models to fortify your professional skills and working experiences.


Professional engineer training

- Field training for fabrication processes to equip new staff with knowledge of PCB fabrication


- The chance to attend large conferences held by TPCA, exchanging information with other vendors

  and companies.

- Various professional lessons through the joint force of other external organizations and schools,

  learning new skills continuously.


Management ability training

- Guide managers, develop administrative abilities to establish good relationships with other staff,

  and improve teamwork strength.

- Staff can also attend other management lessons to improve self-management and efficiency.


Common lessons

- Regular programs including: statistics and analysis, labor safety and WUS's Certification Trainings.

- Staff can attend various lessens of liberal art to widen their knowledge, or the ones of the external

  education institutes by means of statutory leaves. Tuition and expense will be paid by WUS, including

  cost for eating, hotel booking and transportation for abroad trainings.