WUS Printed Circuit Co. Ltd has a consummate salary and benefit system, hope that when employee gets paid at the same time also can share with WUS Printed Circuit Co. Ltd all the operating results and achievements.


Incentive Rewards:

1.A motivation reward system and share the results with the employees.

2.According to company operating results and individual performances.

3.Incentive to reach or surpass the target and provide an incentive bonus.

4.Proposal system and outstanding personnel for recommendation for related methods of incentives. 


Employees Benefits:

1.Provide employees with life insurance, accident and health group insurance coverage and at the same time

 benefit the dependents of the employee.

2.Overall improvement in plant safety and health in order to maintain a clean and comfortable environment.

3.The established Welfare Committee will handle all employee benefits, employee tour and can purchase

 various product selection .

4.Birthday gift coupon, 3 major holiday welfare bonus, wedding gift coupon, maternity gift coupon, funeral subsidies, hospitalization fund and scholarships for employee’s children, employee health examination.

5.Comprehensive retirement system.

6.Set up of breastfeeding and medical room.

7.Various emergency relief.

8.Employee travel grant.

9.Occasional organizing of creative fun activities. 



Quality Work Environment:

1.OHSAS 18001 certified.
Pay attention to the health and safety of the employee in the work site and a bright and safety office environment.

3.Wide diverse set up of internal complaints and communication channels and platforms allowing the company manager and management for a more transparent and carry out in the end.

4.Convenient parking lots for employees to park their car and motorcycles.

Staff Training and Implementation conditions:

1.Provide pre-employment training for newly hired employees, professional training and evaluation of new employees, provide employees to participate external training or seminar.

2.Design and implementation of Environmental Safety and Health related training.


Retirement Plans:

1.Defined contribution plans: The Company adopted a pension plan under the Labor Pension Act (the “LPA”), which is a state-managed defined contribution plan.  Under the LPA, an entity makes monthly contributions to employees’ individual pension accounts at 6% of monthly salaries and wages.

2.Defined benefit plans: The defined benefit plan adopted by the Company in accordance with the Labor Standards Law is operated by the government.  Pension benefits are calculated on the basis of the length of service and average monthly salaries of the six months before retirement.  The Company contribute amounts equal to 2% of total monthly salaries and wages to a pension fund administered by the pension fund monitoring committee.  Pension contributions are deposited in the Bank of Taiwan in the committee’s name.  Before the end of each year, the Group assesses the balance in the pension fund.  If the amount of the balance in the pension fund is inadequate to pay retirement benefits for employees who conform to retirement requirements in the next year, the Company is required to fund the difference in one appropriation that should be made before the end of March of the next year.  The pension fund is managed by the Bureau of Labor Funds, Ministry of Labor (“the Bureau”); the Company has no right to influence the investment policy and strategy.