WUS Competence


1. Leading Technology Capability 

     - Capable for high density with fine line design, expertise in HDI ( +1, +2, +3, +4) and

       any layer build up

     - Build up multi-layer with fine line and controlled impedance modeling

     - Provide a large variety of base material in Halogen-free or RoHS compliance and also

       lead free surface treatment     

 2. Flexibility in production lead time to meet customers' expectations.

 3. ESI (Early Suppliers Involvement) in providing PDE service. 

     To help customer to shorten design lead time, and also reach low cost, high performance

     of PCB for production.

 4. Stable and well controlled quality level, to meet international standard requirements.

     (ISO/QS 9000 & TS16949) 

 5. ESH Management Policy.

     Legislation Obedience & Commitment Implementation.

     Pollution & Hazards Prevention.

     Continuous Improvement & Risk Management.

     Staff Participative Management.

 6. World class level in environmental and industrial requirement. 

     - ISO 14001 certification

     - OHSAS18001 certification

     - RoHS compliance 

     - GP certification